We’re Tonya and Chad, and we’re a divided house when it comes to college football. Our separate paths took us to Tallahassee and Gainesville, but we eventually found each other and agreed to set aside our deeply-rooted differences (except on a certain Saturday each November). This season, we’re calling on all Gators and Seminoles to unite with us in support of a cause that is very close to home.

In November, we’ll be running the New York City Marathon with Team Fox to benefit the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research (MJFF). This will be our first marathon. During the 12 weeks leading up to the race, we’ll be competing in a series of fundraising challenges to see who can rally their fan base to donate the most to MJFF. The challenges are broken up into four “quarters.” The winner each quarter gets bragging rights, while the loser suffers an embarrassing fate.

While the fundraising challenges are all in good fun, our cause could not be more critical. Tonya is one of the millions who suffer from Parkinson’s, a progressive disease that kills brain cells essential to movement. Tonya first experienced symptoms in her early thirties – known as early onset Parkinson’s. Over the past decade, she has undergone two brain surgeries to help manage the symptoms. While brain surgery mitigates some symptoms, it is not a cure. There is currently no cure for Parkinson’s.

By using the donation buttons under our personal videos below, you can directly support research that is critical to the millions living with Parkinson’s. 100% of all proceeds raised through this Team Fox campaign will be used to fund research programs. So, please¬†join us in uniting off the gridiron in our quest for a cure.


1st Quarter

Loser will wear the rival team’s shirt and colors while running a 5k race. This may not sound like a big deal, but neither of us has EVER worn an item of clothing with the rival team’s logo. The 1st Quarter challenge ends on September 23rd.

2nd Quarter

Loser will sing the rival team’s fight song on Facebook Live at a publicly announced date and time. The video will be posted online until after the Marathon, so the winner can bask in the glory of victory for weeks. The 2nd Quarter challenge ends on October 7th.

3rd Quarter

Loser will appear at a meeting of the rival team’s local booster club to solicit support for the fundraising campaign – while wearing the rival team’s colors. The 3rd Quarter challenge ends on October 21st.

4th Quarter

If Chad loses, he will Tomahawk Chop while crossing the finish line of NYC Marathon. If Tonya loses, she will do the Gator Chomp while crossing the finish line. This will be the ultimate act of defeat, as it will forever live in infamy in photos of the race finish. The 4th Quarter challenge will end on November 4th.

Visit the following publications to learn more about Tonya’s journey with Parkinson’s